ClickCease Fitting guide – SofaSkins

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Fitting guide

It only takes minutes to set up.  Follow the simple instructions below to find out how:

Step One

Ensure the tag is at the back of your sofa.

Step Two

Place the cover over your sofa. If your sofa doesn't have armrests, don't worry. All covers fit the same with or without armrests.

Step Three

Pull the fabric over your sofa evenly and adjust accordingly.

Step Four

Use the foam inserts to push extra fabric into gaps. The foam inserts prevent the cover from popping out and keeps the cover wrinkle free.

Step Five

Secure the cover by tying the strings underneath the sofa.

Step Six

Enjoy your new sofa!

Size guide

To make sure you get the correct size SofaSkin, here is a quick guide.

Tell us about your sofa

It's a regular sofa
It's an L-Shaped sofa
Im not quite sure

Measurement guidelines for L-Shaped sofas.

Start by measuring each section of your sofa as seen in the diagram below.

Option one

A to A is 130cm to 155cm.

B to B is 130cm to 155cm.

Please order a 2 x 2 L-Shape.

Option two

A to A is 130cm to 155cm.

B to B is 155cm - 220cm.

Please order a 2 x 3 L-Shape.

Option three

A to A is 155cm - 220cm.

B to B is 155cm - 220cm.

Please order a 3 x 3 L-Shape.

Measurement guidelines for single sofas.

Make sure you measure from the edge of the arm rests if present, like in the diagram below. If your sofa doesnt have arm rests, just measure to the very edge.

For sofas measuring 90cm to 130cm please order a 1 Seater.

For sofas measuring 130cm to 155cm please order a 2 Seater.

For sofas measuring 155cm - 200cm please order a 3 Seater.

For sofas measuring 200cm - 300cm please order a 4 Seater.

Still usnure?

Not to worry. One of friendly team is at hand. Send us a picture of your sofa in our live chat and we'll get you on the right path.